Fat Burning + Energy + Metabolism Boosting

Weight loss and Energy Boosting boosting injections

Dr. Hitham Tayoun

Lip B- MIC Injections (The Glam Shot)

Boost your metabolism, increase your body’s ability to break down fat and sugar and provide the energy boost you need to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

20 Injection package & 50ml bottle receive weight loss guide book

($150 value!)

Single Shot: $40

4 Injections – 1 Month Supply: $160

10 Injections (2  injections free) – 2.5 Month Supply: $350 

20 Injections (4 injections free) – 5 Month Supply:  $640

50 ml Lipo-B Bottle – 8 Month Supply  $875

Lipotropic shots

Lipoden / Vitamine B12 / L-Cartinine        

•   More calories burned
Curb appetite
Increased fat metabolism and removal from the liver
Lowered Cholesterol
Boosted energy levels
Improved brain function
Improved mood
Decreased water weight
Carbohydrates converted into energy more efficiently   

What Ingredients are in the Lipoden / Lipotropic Shots?


·        A powerful antioxidant

·        Assists the breakdown of fats, thus helping to prevent a buildup of fat in the liver and arteries

·        Prevents brittle hair and nails


·        Help to detoxify harmful substances such as heavy metals and hormone metabolites


·        Has a calming effect

·        Reduces blood cholesterol and prevents hardening of the arteries

·        Crucial for the metabolism of fat and cholesterol & removing fat

·        From the liver; aids in redistribution of body fat. Helps prevent eczema

·        Beneficial for those suffering from depression, panic attacks and diabetes

·        Promotes healthy hair growth and help preventing hair fallout


·        High levels of this nutrient are found in the heart & brain


·        Assists in controlling your weight as well as cholesterol levels

·        Help preventing gallstones

·        Assists memory and learning

·        Help to fight infections, including hepatitis & AIDS


·        Critical for healthy cell membrane structure & function


·        B12 deficiency is common

·        Essential for the normal metabolic function of the cells

·        Necessary ingredient in the production of DNA; DNA allows for growth and replication of the cells

·        Bone marrow needs adequate levels to keep up with the rapid growth reproduction of its cells. Red blood cells are produced rapidly here, and they cannot mature properly in the absence of this Vitamin

·        Cells lining the gastrointestinal tract (the esophagus, stomach, intestines and bowel) have a rapid turnover rate and in the process, use up a lot of this Vitamin for their growth and replication

·        Has an important role in nervous system. It is directly responsive for the proper production and maintenance of the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve cells & their processes. This sheath protects the nerve from damage and without Vitamin B12 which maintains growth & repair of the sheath; progressive and sometimes irreversible nerve damage can result 


·        Increases the ability to lose weight by speeding up metabolism & increases our ability to function in our daily living


·        Slows aging; Levo Carnitine (L-Cartinine) shuttles fatty acids into the energy centers of the cells, where the fat can be burned to produce energy. When the body has sufficient L-Carnitine reserves; the cells can burn more fat & generate more energy. Every cell in your body works better when it has optimal levels of energy available to it

·        Helps you lose weight; L-Carnitine is important in weight loss because it helps convert body fat into fuel. It also raises levels of certain enzymes needed to metabolize sugars, starches, and other carbohydrates. 95% of all cells in your body rely on L-Carnitine to melt their fat storages away

·        Increases mental alertness; L-Carnitine converts to Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC); ALC enhances brain activity. It also prevents brain cells death & protects nerve cells from degeneration due to aging or disease

·        Protects your heart; L-Carnitine reduces arterial plaque, lowers LDL & VLDL (bad cholesterol), and increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels; benefits occur in healthy people as well as in patients with heart disease

·        Boosts potency in men; Sperm count, motility, and maturation are related to L-Carnitine concentrations. Supplementation with L-Carnitine improves sperm quantity & quality

·        Enhances exercise; L-Carnitine improves performance in sports & endurance. It also reduces the damage caused to the body which could occur during exercise


·        Improves Diabetes; Test data suggest that supplementing with Levo Carnitine can improve insulin sensitivity in individuals with type II diabetes


Medical Director


Laser Technician


Master Stylist

Alma is a fun energetic master stylist with over 10 years of experience. Alma has passion for all hair color services, specializing in color corrections, vivids, and balayage. She is an expert in everything from customized fun fashion color to your everyday hair needs services, such as color, haircuts, treatments. Alma has a passion for furthering her skills and growing her education to learn new techniques and trends!


Junior Stylist

Zoe is our newest stylist from California. As a colorist and certified extension specialist, she has a passion for transforming hair. Her expertise in color, allows her to create vibrant customized styles and color for all clients. She also specializes in adding natural looking volume and length with extensions to give clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.


Junior Stylist

Bryana started her career in the hair industry with the goal of having her clients leave with a smile. Bryana is a stylist skilled in color and cuts. Men’s cuts included! Bryana’s hair passions include artistic balayage, blonding, and adding pops of color to your look. Our newest junior stylist Bryana is ready to have you looking and feeling beautiful!


Master Stylist

Roxy is an energetic and fun hair stylist who has over 10 years of experience. Roxy’s passion is hair coloring, specifically balayage/foilayage, traditional hi lights and all over color.  She enjoys detailed haircuts, hair treatment and styling the clients hair to perfection. 

She has experience in a wide variety of haircuts for women and men. Roxy is looking to further her skills with continuing education to learn new techniques and services to help grow as a hairstylist.


Master Stylist

Lauren is a motivated and passionate hair stylist enthusiastic about the hair care industry. She obtained her cosmetology license in 2013. She develops genuine relationships with clients while servicing them with intricate cutting, coloring, highlighting/balayage, and styling techniques. Mostly, she enjoys helping people feel beautiful and confident. She will never stop learning due to her persistence to become a better stylist each day.


Junior Stylist

Kamryn has been a licensed cosmetologist for 2 years and has gone through some of the country’s most intensive training programs. With a passion for bringing people’s hair dreams to reality. Kamryn specializes in Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions, Complete Color Transformations, Root Touch Ups, Cuts, and Balayage’s. Looking for a fun Fashion Color? Kamryn has the skills to bring your imagination to life and push the boundaries of your look!


Laser Technician


Master Stylist and Color Specialist

Jakob is a color specialist with over 14 years’ experience. Jakob has been nationally recognized for his work and has multiple awards as a master colorist. Specializing in balayage and highlights, Jakob is the perfect choice to achieve the hair of your dreams.


Master Stylist

Kathy is a master stylist with 10 years of experience. Hair is her favorite canvas. She loves the geometry behind every cut, whether it be a razor, clipper or scissor cut. Kathy also loves the chemistry aspect of coloring and perming of the hair. She specializes in color corrections, blonding, and creating your perfect color. Whether it be men’s perms, beach waves, spiral or classic, Kathy offers all perming services. Come see Kathy today so she can help you bring out the most beautiful side of you. Check out her work on Instagram at hair.by.kathy theodore

Dr. Justin Sheer PT, DPT

Cosmetic Injector, Doctor of Physical Therapy

A Physiotherapist by trade, as a cosmetic injector Justin uses his advanced knowledge of facial anatomy and the musculoskeletal system to redefine your look. Justin specializes in providing patients with a soft well rested look, helping you look and feel like your younger confident self. Justin has advanced knowledge with lip filler techniques and can help you achieve everything from a full on glamour look to a natural enhancement in volume and shape. Justin also provides in house concierge based physical therapy services specializing in chronic low back pain and shoulder injuries.



Originally a hairstylist, Jenna left the hair industry due to a toxic work environment. Jenna decided to return to college with the dream of opening her own salon. After leaving the Austin tech industry, Jenna moved to San Antonio to open Sheer Studios with a focus on empowering staff and creating a positive environment for both employees and clients. Jenna’s passion for detail and luxury shines in every aspect of the salon experience.